2007.11.23 Fri ~ 25 Sun
Kirk Whalum Live in Gospel with John Stoddart

From the 23rd of November to the 25th, over 3 nights, there were 4 stages of the "Kirk Whalum live in Gospel with John Stoddart".
The tickets sold out, as fervent fans from all over Japan, from Okinawa to Hokkaido, gathered to be part of the show.

Marre and Kumiko, the owner of Kick Back Cafe and the leader of the Gospel unit, "Heavenese" sang back up for the song, "Falling in Love with Jesus", alongside Kirk and John.


John Stoddart is not only a pianist, but he is also a brilliant singer.

In order to express their love for their wives, they sang songs they wrote that were dedicated to them. Kirk sang "Desperately"(featured in the album "Roundtrip"), a song that he wrote for his girlfriend then, who is now his wife. John sang "Angel", a song that he surprised his wife with on their wedding day.

This was show time for Kirk, as he came down from stage.

Kirk Whalum live in the kitchen! The staff couldn't help but to dance along with Kirk.


Kirk introduced his beloved wife, Ruby, on stage to his fans.
Kirk raises his hands crediting the praise to God.