2007.10.28 Sun
Gospel Fest

The Anniversary Week comes to its finale with KBC's popular monthly event, Gospel Fest.
Exciting news came, telling us that Andrae Crouch, the KING of gospel, will hop up on stage!

A large crowd waiting outside for KBC to open.

The night starts out with an already-too-excited MC, MC-Kamikami.

The opening performance is a solemn solo by an opera singer Mikayo Oguro.
Then hip hop rappers Christside Souljahz from L.A.

And "Heavenese" on stage!

The lead vocals Marre and Kumiko are the owners of KBC. In 1995 when the disastrous Hanshin earthquake hit Japan, they decided to come back to Japan, gathering Gospel musicians from America. In Kobe, where the damage was especially severe, they conducted the first "Gospel Fest." Their attempt was to provide Kobe with donations to rebuild the city, but also to provide the people with the hope of the Gospel, the Good News.

In 1997, Marre and Kumiko opened a live-house cafe in Tsutsujigaoka, Chofu, and in October 2004, they moved the cafe to Sengawa. So this is the third year since the cafe started anew in Sengawa-city.

After the first “Gospel Fest” in Kobe, they have continued the charity concert annually in big concert halls. But in 2002 they started holding Gospel Fest every month in KBC which was in Tsutsujigaoka at that time.

Gospel Fest is now probably the most popular event at KBC. KBC is packed with people every month. Fans and newcomers from both neighborhood and outside the city are continuously added mainly by word of mouth.

"Heavenese" and Christside Souljaz.
Finally Andrae Crouch shows up on stage!
The pioneer of modern gospel music and 9-time Grammy Award winner, Andrae draws the heart of the audience instantly into his world of music.
Sue, who came to Japan with Andrae, takes lead for the back chorus.
Here the birth of Andrae Crouch and Heavenese Choir!
He, while playing and singing, shares his personal testimony. Music flowed from his mouth and fingers so naturally and beautifully.

Time flew by as the audience was filled by the words, melody, and the hope of the gospel that came through Andrae.
The performance time of the night broke the longest record.
It was so obvious that the music touched everyone's heart. The concert came to an end with a standing ovation (though many were already standing for the whole night).

After the performance, Andrae and Chrisitside Souljahz stayed until midnight to sign their CDs and to talk with people.

So how was the four-night-in-a-row Anniversary event? Thank you for sharing with us KBC's special time, and if you missed it, don't worry. We do have another special concert coming up, as the final act of 3rd Anniversary Special Event, from Nov.23 to 25. We are again presenting you with a world top-class musician. Don't miss it!

We look forward to serving you in the fourth year!

25th -26th Alfie Silas Durio