2007.10.27 Sat
YAMATO DAMASHII Soul Japanese Gospel

Yamato-Damashii, the Japanese soul, was the theme for the third night of the special Anniversary Event. It was the exciting stage of KBC's band "Heavenese" collaborating with Japanese drums, joined by Christside Souljahz, a hip-hop rapper duo.

We received a congratulation from Christside Souljahz too:

6 o'clock in the evening, when the big typhoon was expected to hit Tokyo area.

In spite of the bad weather and KBC staff's concern, we had a lot of people waiting in line with umbrellas!

Thank you so much for waiting in the rain!

The stage started out with Mi-sa's Shamisen solo.
Japanese sound fills the air.
Then the Hip Hop meets Japanese drums---a rare and original collaboration.
The beat of Japanese drums harmonizing with Christside Souljahz's rap.

It actually turned out really cool.
Makoto Sekine, the drummer, said it was his first time performing with rappers.

"Taiko Shonin Medetai," a Japanese drum duo, gets up on stage.
Left: Makoto Sekine Right: Egami Ru

The performance was so dynamic and delicate at the same time.

The powerful rhythm and cool performance fascinated the audience, drawing loud applause.

Click here to see "Taiko Shonin Medetai" 's web site.

Finally the "Heavenese" appears on stage!

Click here to see "Heavenese" 's web site.

he first song started out with the traditional "ra-se-ra" call which is shouted in Nebuta Festival, one the three biggest festivals in Japan.
The call stirred in our hearts the Japanese soul.
"Heavenese" members in Japanese-taste fashion.
The place was jam-packed.



Marre speaks to the audience, "we are making a new album right now with the Andrae Crouch, the king of gospel..."

"I've been saying this for 2 years now and now everybody's starting to look at me with doubts, right?
But guess who is here tonight!
Andrae Crouch!!!"

That's right. He was listening in the back.

"I can finally prove that I'm not a liar!"(laugh from the audience)

Special treat of the night was a song from the new album performed in Japan for the first time.
KBC was filled with excitement as if we were in a festival.

25th -26th Alfie Silas Durio

28th Gospel Fest Andrae Crouch, the KING of gospel, on stage!!