2007.10.25 Thu - 26 Fri
Alfie Silas Durio

Alfie Silus Durio's solo gospel live concert gave us a boost as the starter of our Anniversary Events.

Notice board for Alfie's concert at KBC and her profile:

We received a congratulation from Alfie too:

The anticipation and excitement filled the air long before the concert started.
Our MC for the night was "Tiger" Fukuhara, a host DJ for FM Yokohama and other TV programs.
He and his family are also big supporters of KBC.

As soon as Alfie sang, her 4 octave vocal and inspiring music filled the room.

KBC's band "Heavenese" joined with her for some of the songs.

Arqese from Christside Souljahz joined and energized the stage with his rap.

With Alfie's original fast-tempo song, the excitement of the crowd builds higher and higher

In the second stage, Alfie asked for some questions from the audience.
Upon answering the questions, she shared some of her very personal stories with us including her painful past as a young girl, how she came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior, and how God has led her through all the difficulties in her life.

In her answer to a young student's question on how she chose her career, Alfie took the girl's hand and explained how God leads every step of our ways.

Alfie's honest and warm way of speaking to the audience was so inspiring, along with her music.

The excitement continued on the next day.

Alfie on the second night.

The second night started out with the fast-beat song joined with "Heavenese" and rap.

The place was quickly packed with people, many of them returning from the night before.
A very special guest showed up on the stage!

The guest was, unbelievably, the KING of gospel, Andrae Crouch, who flew all the way from L.A. just to celebrate KBC's 3rd Anniversary with us.

Andrae is, in fact, the very person who found young Alfie's musical talent and gave opportunities in the early time of her career.

Alfie has participated in many of Andrae's alblums.
The two in perfect harmony.

It was a dream come true. Andrae's masterpiece "My Tribute", which has been performed for over 3000 times throughout the world, was sung by this miraculous duoムAlfie and Andrae himselfhere in Sengawa-city, Japan.

It also made the time special to know that this song was the very first song Alfie ever sung solo in.

Surprised by the unexpected "big" guest and touched by the wonderful stage, the audience was at its peak of excitement.
(The band members were crying too.)

After the concert, Alfie stayed to sign her CDs.(Alfie's CDs are still available at KBC.)


28th Gospel Fest Andrae Crouch, the KING of gospel, on stage!!

A surprise by Andrae.
It was only for those who stayed another hour after the concert. Andrae Crouch got on stage, (while waiting for his chicken), and played the piano!!

It was a show in itself.
"Just checking the piano," he chuckled as he got off the stage after playing and singing some pieces.