2007.10.22 Mon ~ 28 Sun
3rd Anniversary week

KIKCK BACK CAFE has just celebrated its 3rd Anniversary in Sengawa city, Tokyo. We started the cafe on October 22nd, 2004. With our heartfelt gratitude for all the support we have received, we titled the week "The 3rd Anniversary Week" and had various events throughout the week.
Here is a photo album to share with you some of the excitement and joy that filled the air for the entire week.

Special page for the 3rd Anniversary events.
We received congratulations from our special musician friends overseas.

The new uniforms give the staff a fresh mind, ready for the fourth year.

The vegan cookies, one of the new items added for the fourth year.
Baked in 6 flavors, using only vegetable ingredients with no animal fats.
Please try them for yourself.

Mocha Chocolate chip \350
Coconut Raisin \350
Hazel nut \250
Granola Bar \300
Peanut Butter \350

Many other vegan items are ready for those of you who want to enjoy more vegetables than meat.
KBC's new original goods include:

Original Tote Bag \2,000
Original Cap \1,500

During the Anniversary Week, we picked one item from our menu every day for the special "One Coin(=500yen) Menu." Among them were Soymilk Ramen and Kumi Curry, our most popular foods on the menu. Of course the cafe was packed especially during the lunch time.

Here are some of the scenes from the special gospel concerts at KBC.
Click to see the report of each event.

25th -26th Alfie Silas Durio


28th Gospel Fest Andrae Crouch, the KING of gospel, on stage!!w
Our multi-talented singer-friend, Kuniaki Shimizu, sent us gorgeous flower.
(He's had concerts at KBC a few times.)
We also received flowers and an original labeled bottle of wine from our customers.
Thank you so much!