Sunday, June18, 2006
Sunday Night Service Special
Soccer World Cup Japan vs Croatia

Weekly Sunday Night Service. Today is special!
Whatfs it special for? Thatfs right!
Today is the day of destiny for Japan in the Soccer World Cup!
If Japan loses against Croatia, there wonft be another game for Japan!!!
KBC got ready to cheer as the projector screen came down for watching the game.

On the stage, jazz, folk, and gospel music was performed as usual, and customers in Samurai blue soccer uniforms gradually gathered at KBC.
By the 10 p.m. kick-off, the cafeL was packed!

For a special deal, 50 Yen discount drink tickets were offered for each goal Japan scored.
Also, we had all the customers guess the result of the game so we could give away one KBC meal ticket to each person who guessed it right.
Finally, the kick-off!
The cafeL was so full that people were standing in the aisles and the balcony VIP room.
As time was running out, with no goals yet scored, a penalty kick was awarded to Croatia. As the PK started c..
The audience cheered gKawaguchi!h for the goal keeper, Kawaguchi.
He caught the ball!!!

Thank you Kawaguchi!!

gJanken Niisanh, who appears in different costumes during Sunday Night Services, did his MC work in his Samurai blue soccer uniform today.

The game finished in a draw, with no goals by either team.

Japan barely stopped the loss, and we set our hopes on a win by Japan in the next game against tough Brazil.

Wow! There was only one customer who guessed the score of 0-0.
He got the meal ticket!

The next game, vs. Brazil will kick off at midnight.
Will the game be shown at KBCc.!!?
(We are sorry, but it didnft happen.)

Thank you so much to people who came and cheered with us at KBC!