Saturday, May 6 2006
Afternoon CafeL Live Event The CafeL gYoseh

Golden Week special!
People enjoyed traditional Japanese performances at gThe CafeL Yoseh, stylishly presented at the cafeL.

Yose - - - a variety hall in which comic storytelling (gRakugoh), comedy, mimicry, storytelling of historical incidents and anecdotes are performed.

Only at KBC can you enjoy both shamisen music (gTsugaru Jamisenh) and Rakugo with free admission while relaxing with a cup of coffee or a meal!!

Robee Yanagiya (comic storyteller)
Misao Habu (Tsugaru Jamisen)

Misao Habu
Female Tsugaru Jamisen players are few, but Misaofs powerful yet delicate play, as well as her outfit of traditional Japanese dress (gHakamah) are popular.
She has a great reputation, not only as a soloist, but also as an accompanist, and even Japanese folk song critics are moved deeply.
She has a desire to let more people know the quality of Tsugaru Jamisen, so she has taken her talents to India and has also joined sessions with bands here at home. Misao has many places to perform.







Robee Yanagiya (professional comic storyteller)

Performance of the story gHirabayashih
An apprentice boy, Sadakichi, who is forgetful and cannot read or write, is asked by his master to run an errand to the Hirabayashi family. He just canft remember the directions for how to go, although the master tells him over and over again c
The master thinks of a new way to tell Sadakichi, who is frustrated by his forgetfulness c.?

Customers were relaxed and enjoyed
Shamisen and Rakugo.