Friday, May 5, 2006
Childrenfs Day special event KIDSf FEST

Childrenfs Day this year was blessed with a good bright May day.
gKidfs Festh, an event well familiar to the community, was held in KBC again this year.
Since the weather was good, an open cafeL was set up outdoors.
The fun time began with songs and games for infants and elementary age children.
In the back of the cafeL, fathers and mothers watch their children while enjoying their coffee.
The guest performer is the balloon artist called Shocora,.
His instant creation of all kinds of shapes of balloons captivates both adults and children.

At last, the Samson Troupe begins their play,
gThe Worldfs Greatest Treasureh.
Whatfs a treasure thatfs important to you?

Collecting balloons becomes popular in a village of dwarves!
If they have a special balloon, they can become popular.

So they try to sell all their possessions in order to get the best
However, the popularity of collecting special balloons soon fades,
and now the friends are gone toocc.

The children watch the play intently.

The old man who actually created the dwarves starts telling the children about the true treasure.
gYou are the best piece that I created. You donft have to compete with anyone. There is no one like you in the world. You are the only one masterpiece. So, you, yourself, are the treasure.h

In Japan, people are not taught that they were created by God, and almost everyone believes that evolution is true. In the competitive society of Japan, based on such a concept, people increasingly have a low self-esteem from childhood, and devalue their lives, as well as those of others. Wefd like to speak to the hearts of children that each one of them is an important and valuable treasure . . . that is the idea behind Kidsf Fest.

After the event, many families enjoyed their lunch and the shop was as lively as an amusement park! Did they have fond memories of the day?

Get ready to have fun again at Christmas Kidsf Fest.