Sunday, April 30, 2006
GOSPEL FEST@April 2006

Thank you for filling the cafeL at Gospel Fest!
Monthly Gospel Fests are well received!!! Many customers came as soon as the cafeL opened at 6 p.m., and the cafe was full right away.
The balcony seats and extra seats next to the entrance were filled up, and some were even standing.......
If you want to enjoy the music near stage or have a meal at a table next time, we recommend that you come to the cafe right after it opens at 6:00.

First on stage is the couple that makes up Opera Tanto.
Shinichiro Ryu, who appeared on the first page of Kick Back CafeLfs 2nd gFree Paperh.

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Female Tsugaru Jamisen player Misao Habu

KBC's own band "Tengokumin"

Jazz Pianist Takuro Kawakami
The pride of Sengawa | a cappella unit
"Sengawa Taxi"