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It all started with one book.

"Going to  KBC is just like taking a warm bath and relaxing when I'm freezing."
Kaori Fujii, who performs in movies, theaters, and commercials as a model and an actress, tells about herself at Kick Back Café (KBC).
She lives near Sengawa and is a regular customer of KBC.
"Have you ever experienced your body being too cold to feel anything?  KBC makes me feel like I'm taking a hot bath when I feel that way."

KBC is a warm place for her, even if she isn't in a bathtub.


It was spring of 2001 when Kaori first came to KBC.  At that time KBC was still in Tsutsujigaoka. 
Earlier, she had found a book written by KBC's owner, Marehisa Ishii (Marre) "Is This the Right Person for Me to Marry?"(Shincho Bunko publisher).
"I went to a bookstore to look for a book.  It was as if I was pulled by the title of this book.  When I read it, it was just what I needed…It was like the book was calling me…"
Some time after that, she visited KBC for counseling because she was worried about her boyfriend.  It was her first encounter with KBC.


After getting counseling, she remembered Marre's words while enjoying KBC's special Soy Milk Ramen: "People such as scenario writers come here, so visit whenever you feel like it and you'll be able to meet them."
Since then, she's been coming to KBC regularly.
Through meeting people and getting to know them at KBC, her attitude toward her work has changed.


"Acting is looking deeper into the different types of characters people have.   Because of this I became stoic and very nervous. However, I was released from being like that.  I can see a wider view about acting and be more relaxed…"


"Kick Back" means, "let's relax."  Compared with other people, I was always in a hurry and anxious about acting.  It was a struggle…" She found KBC and became more relaxed.


 At one point she was thinking about quitting her job, but now she understands that this is her calling in life. On the other hand, she has become less dependent on her work.


"I don't have the urge to be like ‘I must be an actress' any more.  I appreciate my job as an actress given to me, as a result.  I'm going to do my best with the opportunities I have."


Her attitude change influenced the jobs that were offered.

"Evaluations toward my job have changed!"
Director Yoshiyuki Kishi, of the drama "When I was a Child", broadcast on October 17th on NHK BS hi-vision, watched Kaori's acting in shows such as "Linda, Linda, Linda" (Director Atsuhiro Yamashita, 2005).  He offered her a role in his drama, playing a mother who was strong, yet showing love.
Also, she performed at a theater play "Sad Hunch" in 2007 (author –  Banana Yoshimoto, director – Shinya Tsukamoto).  Her long time friend who often isn't pleased with her work gave her praise, "Your acting has a ‘healing' influence."  That was a big surprise to her.
Kaori says that she can believe that she has great potential for a bright future, even though it may not appear so right now.  "I feel like my life has changed 180 degrees."
We are very happy to hear that!


KBC is a big part of my life and the place where I can see the style that I'm aiming for as a performer.

The life of an actress is harder than most people imagine.  When the shooting lasts long hours, her lifestyle becomes irregular and her eating habits get disrupted due to constantly eating deep fried lunches.  It's hard for her to cook by herself with the limited time she has.


"However, I know that if I go to KBC I can eat vegan meals which are good for my body.  I don't have to cook, either."  She often stops by at KBC late after her work.  KBC is part of her life.
"Marre does seminars such as ‘Psychology Seminar for Men and Women' and ‘Japanese Roots Seminar'.  KBC is the place that offers valuable information that I really want. It's wonderful that a place like this is close to where I live."


This is what she says about KBC's healthy menus that come out constantly. 
"There are shops offering merely "healthy" menus, but the way of making menus like KBC, being concerned about things like PMS for women, can't be done if the management is not truly concerned about people. 
She says, "Most of all, KBC's interest is people's needs.  That's why they pay attention to you and smile …now I can tell that KBC influences me a lot for the style I'm aiming for as an actress."


When she can't visit KBC for a while, she feels her heart becomes sad.  When she comes to KBC after a long absence due to shooting, it surely seems that she is very delighted.
We look forward to her successful acting to continue!




--- Kaori Fujii ---

She was born on September 23.  She is from Aichi prefecture.
In 1966 while she was attending Tama Art University, she was scouted as a model for the magazine, "ef".  After that, she performed in various commercials, and many movie directors and producers paid attention to her.  Her acting extended to movies, TV programs, and theater work.  In 2007 she performed a play, "Sad Hunch" (author – Banana Yoshimoto, director – Shinya Tsukamoto).
The movie, "14 Years Old" that received the "Best Asia Movie" prize in Rotterdam International Movie Festival, is now in theaters.


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--- Performance information ---

Short movie -------------

Ginza in screen – legend Namiki-za shows.
Hanging Out in Ginza – "WOMAN"

House of Shiseido, showing at 1F mini theater
Date: from September 21(Fri.) to November 25 (Sun), 2007
(Director – Koto Nagata,
co-performers – Risa Naka, Agatha, etc)

Please contact the following site for the date and the time:
>>> House of Shiseido


Catch up! Kick Back-ing it
Health Style
Tengokumin in HOLLYWOOD / Congratulations

Marre's Counseling on relationships / Soul Connection

[Comic] Kick Back prodces laughter & guts!

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