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Kick Back Cafe' is a
"Natural Food Restaurant!"

Yes, KBC is a cafe that's concerned about your health.
Why do we care?  It's because Kick Back means Let's Relax.  If the food we eat isn't safe, how can we truly relax?

THEREFORE . . .  KBC selects their ingredients as strictly as possible and offers meals that are safe for you.

Let's Kick Back with couples and families.



Front Food:KBC Original Vegan Curry ¥1050
Drink:Organic soy latte ¥500
  (Natural organic soy milk and organic maple syrup are used) hot/ice
Behind:Grilled Soy Cheese Sandwich ¥900
(Soy milk cheddar cheese and self rising bread are used)
You are what you eat.

KBC started a “vegan” menu in June 2007.  Vegan means using only grains and vegetables for cooking.  Vegan cooking does not use animal products of any kind.


In America, where vegan cooking is more advanced, there are many kinds of cakes made without using butter, eggs, or milk.   What?  Is it possible to make cakes without those ingredients?  Yes, it's possible.  Vegan style is not well known in Japan yet, so it's weird to eat vegan cakes. It's hard to imagine vegan sweets.  But, KBC makes them.  Vegan Sweets!
Vegan muffins and vegan chocolate cakes are very popular, and they are sold out every day.  KBC provides not only vegan sweets, but also original vegan dishes.

People who are called celebrities, such as world famous artists and musicians, have a tendency to be very particular about what they eat.  They have a good understanding of the relationship between their food intake and their health.

At KBC you can eat healthy food in the clean non-smoking and non-alcohol environment, while listening to live music. So eating at KBC affects your mental condition too.  This is KBC's healthy natural food style.

Furthermore, KBC pays attention not only to vegan but also to organic food.
KBC uses food that is produced in soil that doesn't have chemicals in it, such as agricultural chemicals, chemical fertilizer, soil improvement powder, and weed killer.  So the food is safe, and we can eat it without worrying.  Of course, the coffee beans are made by organic cultivation, as well.  KBC provides various organic vegetable dishes.

What you eat is important, so KBC offers natural foods.  KBC's vegan cooking refreshes your body and your heart!

a:Spicy Vegan Curry with Organic Vegetables ¥1500

27 different kinds of natural spices provide wellness benefits.

b:Organic Vegetable Ankake Sauce Over Tofu ¥980

Mild taste of natural bonito broth and organic vegetables

c:Vegan Muffins ¥360

Sugar free moist muffins (vegetable, banana, etc)

d:Vegan Chocolate Cake ¥550

White-sugar free.  Bitter chocolate cake that is popular among adults


  Vegan Cookie

Peanut Butter (Plain / Cocoa) / Granola Bar
Hazelnut / Mocha Chocolate Chip / Coconut Raisin

There is a Mother's Room where they can change diapers and feed their babies, so moms and babies are both happy.
The owner is a marriage and relationship counselor, so you can be happy with your loved one.
You can enjoy all kinds of music, from opera to hard rock, so all family members are in good spirits.

Providing a relaxed time with your special person, with natural foods that your heart enjoys, is KICK BACK CAFE!
The weekend has come, and now you can relax, after working hard. You've been busy with house chores and raising children, it's time to set aside your hectic everyday life….
Pleasant time, rewarding yourself for finishing your piles of work...
Please share your joy with your special person.

Kick Back today and tomorrow with your own style!
We are always waiting for you!


To provide safe nutrition needed by growing children is a big issue for moms.  Recently the number of moms who don't give milk products to their children has been increasing, hasn't it?  No problem!  KBC is a good friend for hard working moms and their children.

Not only the regular menu, but also the kid's menu, lists 5 allergen content ingredients, as well as the usage of additive free ingredients.
Most of all, milk product free vegan sweets are pleasing for moms with children who have allergies.


Moms, who care for their children's meals, can have a relaxed cafe time at KBC.

My husband brought vegan muffins home as a gift.  They were delicious.    I was so glad that I could eat sweets without hesitation.

Right now I'm nursing my baby.  It is said that meat products, milk products, and products with sugar should be avoided by mothers who are nursing.

However, it's hard to find a restaurant that considers the above.  So I'll enjoy KBC more and more!


Catch up! Kick Back-ing it
Health Style
Tengokumin in HOLLYWOOD / Congratulations

Marre's Counseling on relationships / Soul Connection

[Comic] Kick Back prodces laughter & guts !

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