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"Man, you guys do a lot of different stuff here. 

This is usually what people say when they find out everything that KBC has to offer. Yes, it is true. KBC is a cafe, to be sure, but also a live house and a place of counseling. Weddings, seminars and schooling are done here also. At first glance, these things seem to be unrelated to each other, but KBC has put all of them in one place. We call our versatility, "multi-dimensional creative space". "What the heck is that?" you may ask.

So we're going to answer some of the questions that you may have about KBC.

Moms and their kids become creative

One original concept created by KBC that has attracted media attention is the "Mothers' Room".  Moms can use the room to change diapers and breast-feed their children, while continuing to enjoy live performances in the comfort of this room.  The Yomiuri Shimbun, one of the most renowned newspapers in Japan, covered our cafe.  The title of the article was "Babies Can Rock Too"(November 6th, 2006).  There are a lot of moms that feel they can't go out to eat and enjoy live concerts, because they can't leave their babies alone (as the Japanese are not accustomed to having babysitters).  Our hope was that the cries of these mommies could be answered through KBC, and we could change their sorrow to smiles.  Now KBC has become known to the moms in the community and we are filled with moms pushing their baby strollers, especially during lunch hours.  As our mothers' room has attracted media attention, we're pretty sure other cafes are going to follow suit with this new trend.
The "Kassai (Applause)section of Yomiuri Shimbun (November 6th, 2005)

The new form of classical music

It's usually expensive and heard in an environment where the smallest whisper can be heard.  That's what classical music is, or what it used to be.  Unfortunately, that's why some people have felt a barrier they could not get through.  KBC wanted to offer a more accessible kind of classical music that would be played in a place where the sound of silverware and plates, as well as the laughter of different conversations and crying babies, would be heard.  Moms and kids can have the great food of KBC while having their babies right next to them, and when they look up, high quality classical music is unfolding before them.  Isn't this a great place?

Opera Tanto and Young Leaves (a group formed by Toho Musical University students) have offered their services for this kind of environment.  It's not an environment that they are accustomed to, as the audience is eating in front of them and may even be talking, but there is a certain type of people that can only listen to classical music in such a place like this.  The musical artists have welcomed the challenge and the customers have been able to enjoy the kind of live music they were not able to hear before. 

We have called this the Afternoon Cafe Live, done during Saturday lunch hours, and we have expanded it to jazz and bossa nova, as well.  KBC is packed with moms and their babies in the Afternoon Cafe Live.  They simply love it.


MC was done by DJ Naotora Fukuhara, a DJ with TV Kanagawa and FM Yokohama who resides in Sengawa and is a regular at KBC with his family.
He often MC's at live events of KBC.
Regular Radio Show "Yokohama Music Award"
It is said that the annual Oraho Sengawa Festival attracts more than 40,000 people. For the first time ever this year, the first day of the festival was called the "Sengawa Music Fest" and was produced by KBC. Bands such as PRISM, the world famous Orchestra De La Luz, and the hip-hop duo from LA, Christside Souljahz, performed on stage - not to mention our very own Tengokumin, too. And of course this was all offered to the crowd free of charge. It was 4 1/2 hours of non-stop music! When you talk about concerts in the summer time, you imagine outdoor concerts. This past summer, there were some outdoor concerts that, despite having the top promoters, failed to meet expectations and their failure was widely talked about in the media.

But the Sengawa Music Fest was different from them. We did not have the top promoters but only the organization of the shopping street of Sengawa. Nevertheless, we achieved great success in our outdoor concert and the power of the city of Sengawa was able to shine its light that night. The crowd that gathered that night was speechless when they found out that top artists were performing in the very city that they resided in. Some of them were even asking about who the festival would attract next year. The city of Sengawa enjoyed that night, to say the least. Oh yeah, the rainbow room was pretty popular too, you know (that's a-whole-'nother story of negotiation in itself)


The Sengawa Avenue Fest in September was also produced by KBC.

It was held in the area of Sengawa that the world famous architect Tadao Ando designed. There are different galleries there, so KBC put the artistic aspect of the area together with the music and cafe aspect of KBC to produce the festival, for the second year in a row.

This year KBC did everything, from the open cafe, live concerts and kids' section, to creating the poster and fliers for the event. Many came and enjoyed the beautiful clear autumn sky with art, music and food. It was a new kind of afternoon that the people of Sengawa enjoyed. There were voices that said they loved it and would like it to continue with even more diversity in future years. We'll see what will happen next year, but it'll most certainly be better than the one before!

Daisaku Kume

Music&Arranger&Keyboard Player
Official Site

Daisaku Kume's project, "Out of Fusion" came from KBC. As was heard in the interview of Akira Wada, the dream of this project came true because of KBC bringing the musicians together. Now this unit is very active in other live houses, but it all started here at KBC. One of the most valuable activities of KBC is that we initiate collaboration of different artists.

Boris Coslov

KBC is the first choice of Boris Coslof, a young and promising bassist that is a member of the Charles Mingus Big Band. He has experience playing around the world and has performed live events at the most famous of live houses in the Tokyo area, but he said if he was going to come to Japan again, he wanted to perform at KBC.

The first time he came was when he came alongside the world famous saxophonist Lou Tabakin, as part of a trio, in September of 2005. As he was leaving, he was on the verge of tears, and expressed his sincere desire to perform once again at KBC. He fulfilled his desire, as well as the desire of the KBC staff, 9 months later.

There are a lot of live houses in Japan, but we have been designated as one of the favorite live houses in Japan, if not the favorite, by top artists in the world. You can be sure that there is going to be more to come!

Why can't a cafe be a little creative? 
KBC produces original live events inside the cafe as
well as outside the cafe and in the middle of the community.  It is only possible because we reside in the very hospitable community of Sengawa. 

One artist put it this way:
"Recently, there's been an increase in the quality of life in the city of Sengawa.  I believe that what KBC is
doing in the community has something to do with that."

If this is really true, then there is no greater joy for us than that.  Let's make this city a city like no other, shall we!?

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A Special Second Year / Your Original Wedding

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[Comic] Rejuvenated at Kick Back Cafe