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Marre's Pre-marital Counseling / Customer interview / News

Comic "Challenges its own limits!"

Marrefs pre-marital counseling includes those committed relationships that lead to marriages and also less serious dating relationships. Both types of relationships have one thing in common and that is the fact that conflicts and problems seem to exist in abundance regardless of the commitment of seriousness. One of the methods of Marrefs counseling is through the internet, observable through the cell phone. That is the new style! Herefs an example of one counselee.

Sana (18)

Ifve liked different guys in my life, but Ifve only had one boyfriend. I think the reason Ifve dated only one guy is because Ifve put too much emphasis on how good-looking a guy is. Ifve often questioned myself for thinking that way and now, I canft even find it within myself to like any guy anymore. Ifve always been the kind of person to shy away from the opposite sex. What do you suggest I do?

Marre (Marehisa Ishii)
The owner of Kick Back Cafe and a pre-marital counselor. He conducts his counseling at the cafe and also through the internet.
He has authored many books, such as Is This the Right Person for Me to Marry? (Are you ready for marriage?) (Shincho-sha Publications) and 7 Ways of Becoming Happy with Your Loved One (Kobunsha-Chie-no-mori-bunko Publications).


Dear Sana

The best thing for you to do right now is to not start a new relationship. What you really want is to be in a situation where you like someone. You are in love with falling in love.
Itfs great that you are questioning your attitude towards relationships. The fact that you are questioning your standards for judging the opposite sex means that you yourself want change.

So you want your men handsome, right? In other words, if you see a good-looking guy, that guy automatically has the qualifications to start a relationship with you. You donft look at how compatible you will be with that person. More importantly, you may not even know what kind of person would be compatible for you. After all, thatfs not something that you have been thinking about. But thatfs got to stop.

Therefs something more important than blindly chasing the romantic relationship that you long for. How you live your life from this point on is far more valuable than romance at this moment in time. In other words, knowing who you are, knowing what you believe in, and knowing how you want to live your life is what you should be thinking about. If you donft have a vision in your life, you will live your life aimlessly. On the other hand, with a clear vision in mind, you will then be able to find someone that will be apt and compatible for you. If you chase after romance that you long for, without your personal vision in mind, therefs always going to be a chance to have a relationship with someone, though he may be good-looking, that will obviously not be constructive in the long run.

Sana, what do you plan on doing in your future? What kind of 20 year old do you want to be? Is there a direction that you want to go in the future? If so, then is that going to be possible for you? These things are worthy of your thoughts.
The seemingly minute decisions that you make in your life right now can have a tremendous impact on your future. Contemplating such issues is the first step to change.
You were the one that questioned your set of values.Deep inside, you are the one that want changes in your life.Do not think the same way that you have been thinking thus far in your life.


a lot of
New friends

Asako Fukuhara
@@(and Megumi)
with me
my house and my family

Toru Oba
gWhenever I have a friend or a relative I want to eat with, I bring them to Kick Back Cafe because I can bring my daughter along with me. It has the gMommyfs Roomh where I can change the diapers of my child, and the Kick Back staff are all loving on my child; I also love the delicious food and the great service here. Ifm always satisfied when I leave here ? both my stomach and my heart. The non-smoking environment is also helpful when raising children and other moms like myself appreciate that. My friends have liked this place so much as a place to eat with their children that Ifve sometimes found them at the cafe with other friends and have become friends with their friends through the common ground. I have made a lot of new friends at the cafe and thatfs certainly one of the best aspects of the cafe. I first came to the cafe when one of the Kick Back staff was passing out fliers and I had a conversation with them. I figured it would be better if I ate with people I can talk to, rather than eat by myself, so I decided to go that one night. When I arrived, the entire staff welcomed me and I found solace at the cafe. Since then, Ifve been going to the cafe 3 to 4 times a week. Every time I come, Ifm able to have conversations with the staff and other frequent customers of Kick Back, and I love the relationships Ifm building here. Kick Back Cafe is a place where I can have some time by myself, as well. Places like this are hard to find outside of your house. Itfs almost as if this cafe is my house and my family with me.

Kick Back in the media!!
A series of articles by Marre, the owner of Kick Back Cafe, is appearing in a monthly magazine, gCafe & Restauranth(Asahiya Publications) starting from June!

The articles will be about the daily life of Kick Back Cafe and the relationships with the customers.Copies will be sold nation wide and the Kick Back Style will be reported throughout the country!

Maybe youfll be appearing in one of the articles. Check it out!

Tengokuminfs new album is in the making!

Tengokumin is the band that is led by the owner of the cafe. Its main venue is Kick Back and it performs at the Gospel Fest and Sunday Night Service, two highly regarded events of Kick Back Cafe. It has also performed at different venues around the Sengawa area like the Olaho Sengawa Festival, the concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of the city of Chofu, and an event at the Shiseikai Second Hospital.

Tengokumin is now in the process of recording a new CD with the Gospel legend Andrae Crouch, a winner of 9 Grammy Awards and a participant in one of the Gospel Fests at Kick Back Cafe.

Monthly magazine gCafe and Restauranth Asahiya publications
ithe picture is of an issue in the pastj
This project not only includes Andrae, but also the producer of Misia, Keith Crouch, and the music director of pop stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, Kenneth Crouch. Tengokumin is going world wide with its new album!
The Gospel Legend
Andrae' Crouch

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Kick Back Style for the spring season!!
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Marre's Pre-marital Counseling / Customer interview / News

Comic "Challenges its own limits!"

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