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Operating hours
Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-23:00 (Last order 22:30)
Wednesday Last order 15:30 / Close 16:00
Sunday 18:00-23:00 (Last order 22:30)
Closed on Mondays
*There is a chance that Kick Back is rented out for a live concert, so if you are coming from afar, please call or e-mail us.

TEL:81-1-3 - 5384 -1577

Parksquare Musashino first floor
2-11-1 Wakabacho Choufu, Tokyo 182-0003 Japan

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The Multi-dimensioned KICK BACK CAFÉ

Kick Back is a slang term for relaxing, as in “Let’s relax.”
The owner of the Kick Back Café is Marre and he is a writer and a pre-marital counselor.   
As a person who deals with people’s hearts, Marre wanted to make a place where the counselees could come, feel at home, and “kick back.”

On December 5, 1997, in a quiet neighborhood outside of the south exit of Tsutsujigaoka station on the Keio Line, Kick Back Café began its service. It was to be a place where friends would gather and relax, and a place where you could be yourself. This purpose carried out successfully for 7 years. More and more people became attracted by the idea of Kick Back - so many that they could no longer all fit in. It was clearly time to move on, and take a bold step forward into a bigger and better café.

In October 2004, Kick Back started its second stage at a larger and more comfortable facility, in a more prominent location, near Sengawa station.

Kick Back Café has been the venue for many live concerts, with wonderful Japanese and overseas artists. Seminars and lectures by leading people in various fields have been presented on the stage.  During lunchtime, a wide range of customers enjoy the café, including mothers with children, students, and businessmen.

Sometimes it’s a café, sometimes a “live house” for live performances, sometimes it’s a school,  . . .
Kick Back Café is a very diverse café.  You will be sure to find your favorite “C”. 
Let’s kick back with your favorite “C”!


We’ve got set meals that will make you full, as well as our original menu items, soy milk ramen, Kumi-curry, and more.  Along with these dishes, we serve Espresso coffee, not to mention our original desserts.  Our food, coffee, and desserts have attracted customers from a lot of different places who always come back for more.  We have also attracted some media attention in magazines and on radio broadcasts.  It’s a must try!


cafe latte


Kick Back is fully soundproof.  You know what that means?  You can play your favorite instruments as loud as you want!  It serves as a concert studio, where renowned musicians as well as amateur bands play. 
We invite anyone and everyone to show off their skills!


Monthly event : Gospel Fest
The King of Gospel, Andrae Crouch
The world famous, Sheila E

Andrae CrouchSheila E


You can receive counseling while enjoying the scent of coffee in the air.  The word “counseling” may not be the best word, though.  If you’ve got a problem and you want someone to talk to, and you want to receive an objective and professional opinion, then this is the place for you!  You can relax and enjoy the café atmosphere while you’re getting counseled - this is the Kick Back style. 

Marre Official Site
Counselor & Owner : Marre's Web site

VIP Room


Kick Back is also a place to conduct marriage ceremonies.  If you want to start your marriage in a casual but original way, with a café-wedding, then you’re sure to have the time of your life. 

J.Bride Bridal production : J.Bride



Café as a school?  Yes, I’m afraid so.  Kick Back Café is the place where classes are held for the “free school,” Committed Academy.  The free school is a specialized school with customized education and practical training for secondary students who are not attending the standard school system.  Kick Back supports the education of Committed Academy by providing a place for the seminars to be conducted by special guest instructors, and a place for the display of students’ work.  Kick Back also provides the school lunches for the students. 

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